Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why I love reading

To date i have read over a thousand books if my mind still serves me well. Over years i have come to the realisation that, without reading the mind can easily be docile. Among all the books i have read, there is one particular book which captivated me and changed the way i view business and management in general. The book was written by none other than Sir Richard Branson and it is called Screw it, Lets do it. In this book Richard Branson chronicles his school days and how he rose from being a college drop out to become an accomplished businessman. Reading this book i learnt four key lessons as follows:
1.) Be passionate about what you do
2). Find time to have fun 
3). Always be innovative (Think outside the box)
4). Dont give up no matter the magnitude of your failure

I will be reviewing this book in my future posts. 
Lets develop a culture of reading!!!! 
To your success

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reading broadens the mind

Thank you for finding time to visit this blog. The main aim of this blog is to encourage like minded people who are passionate about reading to share their thoughts and experiences with fellow readers. We will review and discuss books which are both compelling and motivating.

Each month we will have a book of the month which will then be reviewed by members of the blog. Subscribed members will receive free business ebooks each month.

wishing you success