Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10 Steps to Successful strategic planning

It has been a while since i posted on this blog. I have been travelling and seeing places in Zimbabwe. This year i decided to use my vacation to travel and see all the beautiful tourist attractions in the country. While on the move i had the previlige to read a very interesting book by Susan Berksdale and Teri Lund called 'The 10 Steps to Succcessful Strategic Planning.

The book is very interesting and thpought provoking. As i travelled around the country, seeing one of Africa's most beautiful scenery, i was spell bound by this book. I managed to scrible some notes which ia going to use as the summary to give you some insights into this great book. What I deduced is tha today's marketplace demands that employees and organizations have a clear understanding of their roles, the products and services that they offer, and the processes that they use to create and market those products and services. A strategic plan is crucial for predicting the marketplace and determining how to react to the future.

In 10 Steps to Successful Strategic Planning, Susan Barksdale and Teri Lund detail how the planning process unites organizational leadership and enhances communication of critical information. Following a strategic plan helps company leaders to ensure that products and services delivered to customers are consistent and of high quality, to promote better use of resources, and to resolve internal performance problems by clarifying expectations and standardizing performance.

Need i say more than this, grab this book and enjoy it. Wising you a merry Xmas and a happy new year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Attitude of Leadership

When I read this book I was literally taken to a higher level in my thinking and approach to leadership. The Attitude of Leadership is not a bunch of academic theories or hot new leadership techniques, it a book of timeless principles that anyone can use to become a more effective leader.

Hardly abstract, these principles are based on the real experiences of successful, inspirational, and motivational business leaders who make tough but necessary decisions every single day.

The Attitude of Leadership holds up a mirror to let you see your own leadership skills; offers inspired advice from other leaders on what works and what doesn’t; and helps you improve your ability to positively influence others. Use it to develop your skills as a leader and discover a whole new world of professional and personal fulfillment.

This book will help you measure your own effectiveness as a leader and provide practical guidance on applying these principles in your professional and even personal lives. You definitely need this book in your personal library.

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To your success