Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Billy, Alfred and General Motors

General Motors is arguably one of the biggest auto makers in the world. It is a fortune 500 listed company, which has defied all odds to become a great company it is today.

Billy Durant, the high-school dropout who founded General Motors, was the consummate salesman - brilliant, shrewd, and unflaggingly energetic.

Hailed as the most brilliant CEO of the 20th century, Alfred Sloan, GM's third president, was an educated intellectual and an expert in business, strategy, management, and all things organizational.

This odd couple built what is perhaps the most successful enterprise in U.S. history - one whose ascent created an industry that has come to symbolize the modern world.

Billy, Alfred, and General Motors, provides fascinating new insights into Durant and Sloan's conflicting, yet groundbreaking, definitions of what a corporation should be - definitions that have had an unprecedented socio-economic impact on the past century in the way companies deal with employees, investors, and government.

It also bears witness to the birth of the U.S. auto industry and, in doing so, brings a uniquely American historical period to life.

This book is a valuable collection you must have in your library.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strategic Customer Service

Good customer service is the lifeline of any company which seeks to establish meaningful relationships with its customers. Customer service has a tremendous effect on customers’ attitudes toward a company, repeat business and referrals are usually a result of good customer service.

In his Book Strategic Customer Service, John A. Goodman emphasizes the importance of treating customers well and having a clearly defined customer service offer. He emphasizes that Customer service should be the hallmark of every organisation if it wants to transform its fortunes.

He states that customer service culture should be imbibed from top management to the lower levels. Every staff member within the company must be well versed in how the company treats its customers.

Research has found out that service is a great differentiator for any serious business, as it is not easily replicated, service is a culture, its like the DNA of the company. If you are a manager or aspiring to run your own business, this book will open your mind and help you take your customer care initiatives to a new level.

Happy Reading!!!!!